Our History


The Old Storefront

The store was built in 1851, and has been in continuous operation for more than 160 years. The original gas lights and wood floors remain today and a museum has been established to display antique store fixtures and inventory from the store’s past.

Visit Our Museum

Enter the museum and step back in time. Old display cases holding tools, medicines, clothing, hardware, cooking utensils and sewing notions fill the room. See old advertising posters and newspaper ads plus the original account ledgers. Those were the days of barter when a dozen eggs was often traded for a pound of flour.

The Attempted Robbery

In August of 1917, three men, their identities still unknown today, wrapped blankets around the safe one night and attempted to blow it open with dynamite. The owner at the time, Charles Hall, was awakened at 1:40 in the morning by a burglar alarm which was connected to his house from the store. He grabbed a double barrel shotgun and headed to the store. A gun battle ensued and one of the robbers was wounded. The local newspaper reported that “a hat riddled with shots was found on the steps of the store”.

The would-be bandits got away that night, escaping a citizen’s posse. They were never caught. A local man turned up missing shortly thereafter and local legend claims the man was the wounded robber, whose body was buried in the woods by his partners after he died.

A copy of the 1917 Alden Advertiser newspaper article about the robbery attempt is on display in the museum.